Our Services

BrowardALF.com simply initiates the contact between YOU, the client, and the facility of your choice with a focus on your needs.


We pay special attention to your requests and do our best to match your needs to the appropriate facility with considerations such as:

Elite Level Facilities - $6,000.00+ monthly

Active Seniors

Independent Living

Large Assisted Living Facilities

Small Assisted Living Facilities with a home-like atmosphere

Kosher Style Facilities

Residential Neighborhoods

Choice of Accommodations: Private / Semi-Private / Couples-based on budget

Alzheimer's (Secure Facilities)

Low Functioning

Psychiatric Issues

Respite Care (Short term assisted living by the week, weekends, etc.) Feel comfortable leaving a loved one properly supervised when out of town.

the difference

Each placement can be PERSONALLY reviewed by a Registered Nurse or social worker prior to referral.-* Few, if any, placement services can offer such comprehensive assistance.

Your loved one is not sold to the highest bidder as with some other services!

We typically provide you with 3 locations based on your preferences. You coordinate tours at your leisure. We can always offer more options if needed.

our simplicity saves time

There's NEVER an obligation with BrowardALF.com. You choose the facility that meets your needs without any contracts or cost to you.-*

Our goal is to save you time by limiting your search to facilities that are in line with your specifications. Rather than blindly calling phone numbers, make an informed decision. Call us and we will assist you in locating a home to match your needs. It's your time, use it wisely.

Reality of costs

Medicare and Medicaid do NOT cover assisted living costs. Some programs may aid or augment the monthly cost, but the client is responsible for the monthly cost. Many State funded assistance programs take 4 to 6 months or more to get benefits after applying. Lower income facilities run from $2,500 to $3,500 a month. Above $3,500 to around $5,500, your options and amenities are expanded. Above $6,000, your are reaching elite status facilities. Secure facilities are typically well above $4,500 monthly. Low income (less than $2,500 monthly) facilities have all but disappeared from Broward County.

random thoughts

Many ALF's are privately owned. The majority of locations are single family homes converted to assisted living facilities and average 5-6 beds.

Larger, corporate ALF's typically require a move-in or campus fee. Smaller locations typically do not have this requirement. 

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